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Artist reimagines Hanzo as an older, grizzled ronin in Overwatch 2 concept fan art

Fans of Overwatch‘s resident bow-wielding assassin, Hanzo, will love this fan-made concept art showing off what he’ll look like in his later years. The deadly archer looks like a grizzled veteran of the battlefield with a few changes to his attire to match his newfound experience and knowledge. In this concept art, Salvatore Tabbi has created an awesome base skin for Hanzo in Overwatch 2. There are a ton of things that have changed in the design. Some are subtle details that add to the hero, while other changes have completely altered his looks. First, he’s grown out his beard a significant amount and he’s no longer keeping his hair tied up in a bun. This makes him seem a lot older than his original Overwatch self, but many people agreed that it made him look tougher as well. Hanzo also isn’t sporting the classic gi that he usually wears. Instead, he has a full vest on with a beautiful black and gold cape that’s designed with his dragon on the back. In classic Hanzo fashion, however, the cape also features one sleeve for his right arm, while his left arm is exposed to show off his tattoos.
His bow has been redesigned slightly, too. The bow itself has plenty of gold and blue accents, whereas his original skin’s bow is mostly gray with a bit of blue in the middle. The quiver has been adorned with silver and some blue bows, while his arrows are mostly blue in color as well. Overall, Tabbi has given Overwatch fans a taste of the future of Hanzo and how he’d look if he continued on the path of a ronin. Tabbi has also created other great skin ideas, like Widowmaker’s Cauchemar skin concept, which transforms the heartless sniper into a literal nightmare. He even made a Gundam-style skin for Reinhardt, which would be amazing to see in-game but might not happen in the near future.
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