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LA Valiant support Lastro issues apology for explicit game chat messages

Los Angeles Valiant support Mun “Lastro” Jung-won apologized for lewd comments he made in match chat during the Overwatch League team’s game against the San Francisco Shock yesterday.

“I thought the viewers could not see the match chat because everyone was typing in it,” Lastro said. “I wrote it as a joke, although I should not have done it regardless of whether the viewers could see the match chat or not. I will make sure something like this never happens again.”

During the fourth match of yesterday’s series on Eichenwalde, Lastro typed a few explicit words into the in-game match chat. Normally this chat is not visible to viewers, but this time anyone watching the broadcast could see all conversations between both teams. The situation instantly became a meme picked up by fans on social media.

According to the 19-year-old support player, he was unaware that everyone watching the stream could see his comments.

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After the event, a rumor began circulating on social media that Lastro was fined $3,000 for the explicit messages, but other players such as Guangzhou Charge’s Charlie “nero” Zwarg confirmed it was not true. The Overwatch League Player Discipline Tracker updated today to reflect $1,000 fines issued to both Lastro and the Shock’s Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun, who also repeated the lewd comments in the match chat.

Even though explicit messages were broadcast to thousands of fans around the world, most of the community has enjoyed the innocent mishap. The Overwatch League has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the lighthearted mess up came as a nice change of pace for many fans.

Update April 5 at 2:50pm CT: The Overwatch League has issued a $1,000 fine to both Lastro and San Francisco Shock’s Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun today for “inappropriate chat during a league match” in yesterday’s series. The Overwatch League Player Discipline Tracker has been updated to reflect these punishments issued by the league.

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