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League of Legends: Best Mid Laners 2020


Syndra’s a great midlane choice right now, thanks to her brilliant range and burst potential. While you’ll have to watch your positioning when playing her, she can often catch opponents off guard with stuns, then follow up with some big damage.

Video by PekinWoof

Her greatest asset is zone control, as her Dark Spheres remain on the ground for up to 6 seconds and can be manipulated by her other abilities. This means you can set down orbs to bait your enemies into unfavourable positions, and have them stroll into ganks or poke damage before they realise what’s hit them.

Even if you do get caught out, her Ultimate Unleashed Power can chunk an enemy’s health bar enough for your allies to finish them off, or for them to fall to an Ignite - or tower shot if they’ve gone for a dive. What happens if you’re behind? Well, her Scatter the Weak has huge range for a stun, which brings huge value to team fights and has great pick potential too.

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