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OG stay on top, sweep HellRaisers at ESL One Los Angeles

OG bounced back from a bad loss to Virtus Pro and managed to stay in the ESL One Los Angeles playoffs with a 2-0 sweep over a middling HellRaisers roster today. 

SumaiL had two great games and OG used the support Nyx Assassin perfectly in both matchups to take an easy game one and then turn things around in game two. 

The opening draft saw HellRaisers try and get some good map control and teamfight heroes, but the overall outcome hinged on if Alexander “Nix” Levin could carry on Phantom Lancer. Meanwhile, OG spread out their approach and relied on Ceb to space for their team while they ran a slow game. 

HellRaisers put up a strong fight despite being down by as much as 9,000 gold, wiping out OG and trying to make a push. It didn’t end up amounting to anything in the long run, though, since OG trounced them after that flub and forced them to concede at 30 minutes. 

The second draft pinned both Dota 2 teams with heroes that could battle it out at a high level. HellRaisers wanted to build up a Morphling game while OG had a Gyrocopter and Death Prophet ready to hit things out the gate.

HellRaisers kept up the fight, bringing the Morphling out of the farm early and taking the fight to OG. But that led to some problems later on. OG eventually kitted out SumaiL’s Gyrocopter with a Rapier and Aegis, which ended up melting the CIS team’s defenses and pulling OG through the finish line with a big turnaround performance. 

That win essentially locked OG into the second seed for the playoffs as long as they don’t get swept by Gambit Esports in their final series on April 16. HellRaisers will need to beat CyberLegacy and have Nigma lose 2-0 to make the playoffs now after falling to sixth place in Group A.

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